BlueFuture solutions in Kosovo


The companies Kolektor Sinabit and Kolektor Synatec in cooperation with the German company KSB participated in the international conference The year for Cooperation on Water Issues in Kosovo where they presented advanced technological solutions in the field of municipal infrastructure and BlueFuture energy.

The result of a long-term joint business operation of the companies is cooperation in creation of common technological solutions in the field of municipal infrastructure and energy that the companies provide for the Slovenian market and the South-Eastern Europe countries under the name BlueFuture.

Improved quality of living and healthy environment have become a priority task of the inhabitants in Europe as well as in other parts of the world. Therefore, also investments in municipal infrastructure and energy with ever more complex and demanding technologies increase. BlueFuture thus offers solutions for distribution of hot water with high potential evident in the field of reduction of operating costs at distribution of water to the user, solutions for pumping stations in water supply systems and pumping stations in sewerage systems. In this joint offer, KSB as the leading world producer of pumps and armatures is responsible for automated hydraulic equipment and corresponding technological subsystems, while Kolektor is responsible for electrical and monitoring equipment for the needs of automation and informatization.


BlueFuture at Brdo pri Kranju

Advanced technology solutions in municipal infrastructures and energetics

We invite you to the conference BlueFuture which is open to the public free of charge where the experts from Slovenia and abroad will talk about advanced technology solutions for municipal infrastructures. The representatives from Kolektor and KSB will present to you a
• modular solution for the preparation and distribution of hot water,
• comprehensive solutions for water systems and
• dry pumping stations in sewerage systems.

BlueFuture event programme

The BlueFuture event is intended for the persons responsible for investments in municipal infrastructures and energetics, responsible for the maintenance of municipal infrastructures and energetics, project engineers of municipal infrastructures and energetics, and for anyone interested in improvements in the energy efficiency of pumping systems for water supply, waste water management and district heating.

Location and time

We invite you to join us on Thursday, 19 April 2012 at 8.30am at the Congress Centre Brdo. 


Online application


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