Finding the best and the most user-friendly advanced technology solutions for municipal infrastructure and energetics is the origin of the business co-operation of the German concern KSB and the Slovenian concern Kolektor. Their participation is based on years of co-operation between the companies of the division Energetics and industrial technology of the concern Kolektor and KSB in the area of the implementation of automation systems in municipal infrastructures. The company Kolektor supplies the company KSB with high-quality electronic systems for steering pumps which are implemented successfully into the products by the company KSB. 

The result of the long successful joint operation is the participation in the creation of joint technology solutions that the companies offer the markets of Slovenia and SE Europe.


In this joint offer, the company

  • KSB, which is a leading global manufacturer of pumps and valves, is responsible for the automatized hydraulic equipment and technology and with the technology systems connected to it,
  • on the other hand, the company Kolektor is responsible for electrical and control equipment for the needs of automation and computerization.


Concern KSB                                                                                  

The KSB company is a leading global manufacturer of pumps and valves and connected systems. The company was founded in 1871 and has since culminated in an international company, present in over 100 countries. With its own manufacturing, sales, marketing and service to its customers, KSB is present on all continents. With its innovative technology, pumps, valves and systems, it provides efficient and intelligent solutions for almost all applications that involve the transfer of liquids in the following areas:

  • Industry – process engineering
  • Transfer of water – water supply, irrigation, groundwater extraction, capturing
  • Preparation of water – mains, sewage treatment systems
  • Energetics – energy conversion, energy supply to boilers
  • Building technology – heating and cooling
  • Mining – transfer of solids with liquids                                                              

Concern Kolektor

Kolektor group boasts tradition in highly specialized industrial production. On its path of half a century Kolektor evolved into a global company with its seat in Slovenia and a wide spread net of companies and subsidiaries in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. Strategic position of the company`s headquarters in the heart of Europe, and global marketing and production presence on all important world markets, ensure effective managing of market demand and optimal business solutions. Developmentally and technologically advanced processes speak of our efforts to fulfill customer demands by providing prompt and responsible solutions.

Kolektor group is a trans-national company connecting almost 30 companies on strategic world markets. The group`s companies are organizationally bound under the branch principle. Developmentally as well as business-oriented, the programs are managed in the following business divisions : 

  • Components and systems,
  • Building technology and products for home and
  • Industrial technology and energy.

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