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In Europe and also worldwide, raising the quality of life and a healthy living environment has become the priority of the population. For this purpose, investments in municipal infrastructures and energy are also increasing which include more and more complex and demanding technology. Among such technology sets, there are also pumping and hydraulic systems within the framework of hot water and water supply systems and wastewater treatment systems

Advanced pumps and connected technologies besides their reliable operation also provide a rational and efficient use of energy, however, they are still the biggest cost for energy use in the municipal infrastructure and energetics.

In planning, implementation and maintenance, such systems are more and more difficult to manage by small groups of experts let alone individuals. Due to the complexity of the area, international concerns with the teams of competent experts are plotting and adapting integral solutions to individual needs. 

Finding the best and the most user-friendly solutions is the origin of business co-operation of the German concern KSB and the Slovenian concern  Kolektor. Their participation is based on years of co-operation between the companies of the division Energetics and industrial technology of Kolektor and KSB in the implementation of automation systems in the municipal infrastructure. Kolektor supplies KSB with high-quality electronic sets for steering pumps which it implements successfully into its products.

The result of this long and successful joint operation is the participation in the creation of joint technology solutions that the companies offer the market of Slovenia and SE Europe.


In this joint offer, the company 

  • KSB, which is a leading global manufacturer of pumps and valves, is responsible for the automatized hydraulic equipment and technology and with technology sets connected to it,
  • on the other hand, the company Kolektor is responsible for the electrical and control equipment for the needs of automation and computerization.


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