Hot water distribution 

District heating: great potential in the area of reducing operation costs in the distribution of hot water to the user

The modernization of district heating systems includes replacing the circulation pump for hot water and the establishment of an automated system that allows control over the distribution channels from a common control system. The circulation pumps in use are equipped with a flow speed control, which adapts to the real needs of the flow. Experience from the systems that are already integrated in the district heating systems have shown that the investment in such pumps which operate according to the real demands for hot water and thus consume less energy, is more than repaid, with an even better distribution of thermal energy to the end user.
District heating is a very important energy supply as it is the source of heating and hot water for apartment buildings. In some large cities, more than 60% of buildings are connected to the district heating system.

However, such district heating systems require extensive modernization since there are 20 to 30% losses in the system, the reason for this is often an outdated distribution network. Therefore, the companies that manage the district heating system need to produce a considerably higher amount of energy in thermal and energy stations. Another reason for the loss occurs due to the inability to balance the needs for hot water and heating for buildings that are connected to the system.

The distribution stations have integrated outdated pumps which are working with a constant rotation speed and reduced efficiency which leads to an increased use of thermal energy for the transfer of the thermal element with a very high consumption of energy.

With hydraulic systems, we can save up to 70%

Reducing energy consumption for the operation of the system is now essential, and this also applies to the area of heating. The KSB BOA-Systronic systems allow operators to save up to 70% in the use of electric energy in operating pumps in district heating and cooling systems.

With a hydraulic circuit, it is possible to achieve savings that are impossible with conventional methods. Even though with the implementation of highly efficient pumps we may achieve certain savings, the pumps alone do not reach the full potential in saving which may be achieved with the BOA-Systronic system. This is achieved by coordinating the operation of the pumps and selected optimum control valves and the connection to the control of the pumps with adjustable speed operation. The technology facilitates operators the use and control over the system, while allowing lower operating costs in the future. The solution BOA-Systronic is compatible with the surveillance systems KOLEKTOR PAC and SINAPRO@ENERGY. The transparent system of components and easy installation of the automated solutions also bring advantages for the designers of such systems. 



Modular solution for the steering system for the distribution of hot water


The solution KOLEKTOR PAC is specifically designed for advanced management, protection and control over pump sets. 

The main functions are as follows:

  • The pressure or flow regulation in the hydraulic systems are managed by pump sets, with the possibility of a frequency operation of up to four pumps in one system in parallel or in a cascade operation regime. 
  • The optimal operation, the highest efficiency level, maximum lifetime, protection, and control over the operation of the pumps are guaranteed by advanced algorithms based on considering the working parameters of each pump measured momentarily or calculated in real time – pressure on the suction and pressure side, pressure pumping height, flow, optimal working point of the pump on the pump curve, power on the axle etc. Information on the operating parameters is obtained by measuring the hydraulic parameters of the pumps PumpMeter KSB and the mathematical models of the KSB pumps.
  • A cascade activation and speed regulation of the pumps to provide the reference pressure or flow is implemented with the intelligent frequency converters KSB PumpDrive. Unlike traditional control systems for controlling the steering pumps, in the steering pump solution COLLECTOR PAC there also may be considered the criteria for the optimal energy efficiency of the entire pump sets, the optimal operating point on the curve of the pump stations, flow, power, pressure pumping height, load balancing pumps etc. 
  • The measurements of the hydraulic and electrical working parameters and the dynamic calculation of the remaining operating pumps are the basis for the advanced security features, such as protection against cavitation (NPSH protection algorithm), hydraulic hammering, dry run, the control of the QH curve (End of Curve Protection, Deadhead protection). The steering solution also performs all the standard protection functions of the electric system (flow, short circuit, thermal protection, control over characteristics and symmetry of the three-phase system etc.) 
  • The current state and determining the regimes of the pumping system and individual pumps.

The basic steering solution may be upgraded with advanced control functions:

  • KOLEKTOR PAC CONTROL PANEL solution provides:
    • Local control, parametrizing and operation through a 5.7” colour touch operating panel. 
    • Display of measurements and pump conditions, such as pressure on the suction and pressure side, pressure pumping height, flow, status, statuses and alarms of each pump, operating hours. 
    • Display of measurement and motor conditions, such as power, frequency, status, statuses and alarms for each motor.
    • Display of the reference and actual value of the pressure or flow. 
    • Display of the operating point of the pump on the curve. 
    • Login and display of events and measurements performed on the system. 
    • Parametrization of the steering and pumping system parameters. 
    • Integrated web server for remote control from personal computers or mobile devices using a web browser and appropriate communication links (LAN, GPRS / UMTS, etc.).
    • SMS notification and warning through the local GSM modem (optional). 
    • Possibility of integration into higher level control systems via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol (optional). 
    • Possibility of integration into a web telemetry portal.
  • Solution KOLEKTOR WEB PORTAL provides:
    • Possibility of the integration of local steering solutions KOLEKTOR PAC into web server-based remote control solutions. 
    • Capturing and archiving of data in the local database. 
    • Implementation of advanced analyses of pumping systems on the basis of data collected, generating proposals for preventive maintenance and optimization of the operation and system configuration, monitoring of pumping system configurations and integrated components, tracking of performed maintenance procedures. 
    • Graphic and reporting display of the collected data, internet access to the server via a web browser. 
    • Multi-scale level of user access to specific functions depending on the location or ownership of individual pump systems and authorizations. 
    • Notification and warning of users via SMS and e-mail messages about events, warnings and alarms on the systems in accordance with pre-set regulations, authorizations and schedules. 

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