Pumping stations in water distribution systems

Water supply: Water is a precious resource and we are well aware of our responsibilities

The company KSB as a reliable system supplier offers to its clients expert advice in selecting the appropriate pumps, valves and complete systems for use in water systems, such as:

Water pumping

KSB offers high-quality technology for pumping water or lowering the groundwater level. KSB pumps, valves and systems are successfully operating all over the world. The company KSB provides innovative technology in the area of pumping water or groundwater management, and our products provide a more reliable and efficient transfer of water.

KSB products are used in the following areas: 

  • pumping water from rivers and the sea;
  • pumping water from wells, shafts and waste pipes;
  • pumping water from dams and lakes;
  • groundwater management.

Preparation of water

KSB offers professional solutions for the area of preparation of water and desalination of sea water. KSB pumps, valves and systems guarantee technical progress and comply with all recognized standards in this area. KSB products are the result of years of development, therefore they are technically advanced and present the end-user with a competitive advantage. Our pumps are a synonym for innovative technologies and the best operation in the area of preparation of water. As these solutions are energy efficient, they reduce system operating costs during the whole time of operation. 

KSB products are used in the following areas:

  • desalination of sea water;
  • preparation of water.

Transfer of water

Reliable KSB pumps, valves and systems provide the reliable transfer and distribution of water which is also proven by the fact that KSB products are used in water systems all over the world. For instance, KSB pumps, valves and systems assist in removing water in flood-prone areas or provide the pressure necessary for overcoming height differences when transferring water. 

KSB products are used in the following areas for transferring water:

  • raw water transfer;
  • raising the pressure;
  • water distribution;
  • general and spray-irrigation systems;
  • flood control;
  • drainage.

PumpMeter – better control over the operation provides better energy efficiency

The PumpMeter is standard equipment on KSB pumps which monitors all the main data on the operation of the pump and displays it on a user-friendly display. So the pump operators have the possibility of checking with one glance whether the pump is operating efficiently and is energetically (and cost) efficient. On a clearly structured display, there are shown:

  • all relevant measurable variables;
  • all relevant data on the operation of the pumps;
  • operating point;
  • load profile.


The advantages of the PumpMeter control unit on the KSB pump: 

  • The connection of the PumpMeter unit to the process system provides access to the relevant data for control, diagnostics and protection of the pumps. 
  • The PumpMeter unit is integrated on the pump as standard equipment and as such facilitates the activation process of the pump and the adjustable drive PumpDrive. 
  • The PumpMeter is less expensive than standard measuring instruments.

The building blocks and system solutions for remote control and management of water supply systems

The requirements for the control and quality of the whole cycle of water supply are becoming more stringent, in addition, two important factors are the reliability and costs throughout the life of the solution – from the costs of investment to the costs of energy consumption and maintenance necessary to operate the system.

Comprehensive solutions for water supply systems are intended for a reliable and energetically optimal supply of adequately treated drinkable water from the water resource to end users including the remote control and equipment management in water supply facilities, such as: 

  • catchments for catching surface water sources; 
  • wells for pumping underground water;  
  • measuring sites for capturing data about the use and water flow on water sources and pipelines; 
  • water plant for preparing drinking water;
  • water tanks for storing water supplies;
  • pumping stations for pumping water;
  • hydrophore pumping stations and pressure reducing shafts for providing pressure in pipelines;  
  • withdrawal points with consumers.

Systems for the remote control and management of water supply including local automated facilities, telemetric links and management centres. Local facility automation provides the following standard features:

  • capturing process measurements and events at the facility;
  • performance of local algorithms for the management of facility devices;
  • communication with connected facilities (e.g. pumping stations – tank);
  • communication with the management centre.

The management centre provides the following standard features:

  • Communication with facilities, and the use and combination of various communication networks: 
    • mobile phone networks of various generations (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS);
    • radio communications on the public or the licensed frequency band;  
    • dedicated optical or cable connections;  
    • phone lines (PSTN, ISDN);  
    • fixed or mobile Ethernet networks (ADSL, optical, cable, WLAN internet access, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS) etc.,
  • Capturing and archiving of all data from the facilities.
  • Sending commands for device statuses and the operating modes for objects in the centre. 
  • Topographic map with a graphical display of the facilities. 
  • Display of process values, state of devices, modes of operation, alarms and events for individual facilities. 
  • Reporting system for displaying and analysing events, alarms, daily operation hours, cumulative flow, range of process values, use of energy etc. 
  • A multi-scale level of user access to specific functions depending on the location and authorizations, internet access to server with the use of a web browser from personal computers or mobile devices. 
  • Implementation of advanced analyses of systems on the basis of data collected, generating proposals for preventive maintenance and optimization of the operation and system configuration, monitoring of integrated components, tracking of performed maintenance procedures. 
  • Notification and warning of users via SMS and e-mail messages about events, warnings and alarms on the systems in accordance with pre-set regulations, authorizations and schedules.

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